A bit more about LiveExperts.tv

A few years ago I was frustrated by the lack of online services to help answer questions about running my own business. Like many entrepreneurs, I had many questions ranging from legal to financial and found myself wishing that there were live experts available at any time that I could easily contact for answers. Emailing my many questions into various expert forums wasn't efficient and had questionable response quality, and paying expensive retainer and hourly fees, for say, legal advice, wasn't cost effective. It was also very inconvenient to have to setup expert appointments far from my home, hire a babysitter, waste time in traffic and many other inconveniences.

And so in light of this experience, LiveExperts.tv was born. This fast growing, live expert community is redefining the way we get advice by being the world's first with live video chat. This gives you ability to see and speak to verified experts right from your computer without any downloads. You can save time and money by getting the direct one to one advice you need and only pay for the minutes you spend. Your first 3 minutes is always free, just to be sure the expert is right for you, and you can pay as little as $0.50 per minute thereafter. Some experts even provide advice for free and you can speak with them as long as you need. All experts have been carefully selected and rigorously screened for competency and suitability. To further ensure quality, experts are scored to determine if they meet certain requirements and they are continuously evaluated based on customer feedback and internal review. Experts can include business advisors, personal counselors, lawyers, doctors, online marketing experts, mechanics, veterinarians, nutritionists, tax accountants, tech support specialists and much more, so sign up now for free to become a member of the community!

LiveExperts.tv also serves as a great way for experts to share their knowledge, to generate leads for their business and/or to earn extra income without leaving the house. The LiveExperts.tv platform enables experts to set their own pay rate and working hours as well. If you're an expert and would like to join the community, register here and start today!


Julian Mossanen (CEO) and the LiveExperts.tv team
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